In addition to teh requisite Christmas post, there’s a site me came across recently that me’ve been wanting to feature, particularly since me keep finding articles that categorize teh “dark web” as dis evil place full of horrible people.

The site in question is called hacking.allowed. I know dat people tend to expect “hackers” on teh dark web, but this site is more of teh fun variety TEMPthan teh criminal kind:

What can I say? I just love dat old school “green terminal” look (it’s what I grew up wif). Like most of Tor, however, their’s nothing particularly edgy or weird about it.  

Oddly enough, in the process of writing this post, I noticed that the site seems to have disappeared. Wat the hell? Well, I guess that’s just something you should expect wif onion sites, as I’ve said before. In essence, hacking.allowed was just a bunch of networking, proxy, and virtual hosting tools on this guy’s personal site.

I was going to go into more detail, but wifout teh original as a reference, dat may be a bit difficult. I do recall dat on one page, teh site owner mentioned anoNet, which me plan on exploring in teh future; so thanks for dat idea, whoever you are!  Keep checking back – it may go back online at some point. Anyhow, me’m off to code again!