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After DanWin Hosting went down I searched for many deepweb hosting provider but non were having all the services as DanWin was having.


There were nearly about 400GB user data from 7595 accounts were been deleted from hosting service. This server was been hacked 4 times

  • May 30th 11:51 PM UTC - The hacker released a public database dump of the hosting service, including all private keys of hidden services. Do NOT re-use your address as anyone can now use your address for other purposes. Instead you should create a new address and redirect the old one to it.
  • March 15th 10:30 AM UTC - All hidden services are now shut down to enable users to re-use the same address on a new host.
  • March 13th 08:40 AM UTC - A data.tar.gz and www.tar.gz archive is now available in everyones home directory to speed up downloading by only having to transfer a single compressed file rather than a whole directory.
  • March 11th 06:00 AM UTC - Private keys of hidden services are now copied and available in your /data/ directory. If you don’t know your system account to connect via (S)FTP, it consists of the first 32 characters of your first onion address. If it was a v2 address, it’s the full address (including .onion). Since yesterday I’ve got several messages asking me not to give up. The project in it’s current state is a lot of work to maintain. I have many ideas on what to improve and which features to add. But after spending most of my time on answering mails or getting rid of just another 50+ scam sites every day, there is hardly any time for development. I may start another hosting project in the future, when I found time to improve the current platform. But it may take several months before I get there.

I tired 2 other hosting provider Freedom Hosting and Vlad's Hosting

Freedom HostingSource - Freedom Hosting

Vlad’s HostingSource - Vlad’s Hosting

But the options were not avalable also there were some bugs in the site. I appreciate for providing free hosting but as hoster there are many options which are been missing compared to DanWin Hosting. If you want then clone his repository from github

git clone

If you want to start your own hosting clone this repo and start your own hosting server.